Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hike, Class and Then Relax

Keith was supposed to stay until Tuesday afternoon, but he has to go home Monday because they are doing “Scrooge” at his church for Christmas and he is playing Bob Cratchit so he has to rehearse Monday evening. After Hiker woke me up to give her her breakfast around 6:30 am, we waited for Keith to get up and the 3 of use went for a hike at O'Melveny Park at Bee Canyon in Granada Hills. I had never hiked this area before so it was new to us. It was about 47° when we left the house, but it was a beautiful morning out and about. After we got home we had some waffles for breakfast and then went over to Smart & Final to pick up a few things I needed. We also sat out on the patio with Hiker for awhile. We played ball with her but she is reluctant to give up the ball so we can throw it. She wants us to chase her and that wears these two “old” folks out. Took Hiker to her class at PetSmart today. I was not very proud of her today because she would not do anything she was told. Usually she is the dog that catches on the fastest in class but today, she was just terrible. She would not listen to me, she kept hiding between my feet and hiding behind the seats in the room. Don't know if it's because she got tired from her hike this morning or if it was because we got her all crazy because we had been playing ball with her in the backyard before we went, but whatever it was, she “failed” today's class as far as I'm concerned. Next week is her “graduation” and then they are wanting us to sign up for the “Intermediate Training Class” but I do not have another $99 to spend on another class for her when she hasn't even learned what she was supposed to learn in the Beginner's Class. I guess I need to work with her more at home and be more aggressive with her. Thinking about heading over to the Social Security Office tomorrow morning. I have to change from getting Ben's SS to getting my SS in January, so I should start the process now plus I need to change my direct deposit account number with them before my next check comes.

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