Monday, November 7, 2011

Someone Got A Bath Today

It was really cold again when we got out of bed this morning. A couple of weeks ago I had added a blanket on my bed since I figured the hot weather was over. I was still cold. Guess it's because I don't have the warmth of Ben's body anymore. I put another blanket on Sunday and now I'm nice and toasty. I needed to go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart this morning so I didn't take Hiker out for her walk at 7:15 like she is used to. I took her in her crate in the back of the 4Runner with me to Wal-Mart. Figured she'd like that better than staying in her crate in the garage. When we got home, she was going crazy wanting to go for her walk, so after putting away the groceries, I had to take her out. We did 2 miles this morning. So today I gave Hiker her first bath. It was “interesting”. I bought a hand-held shower head to attached to my walk-in shower. Hiker did not enjoy her bath much, but she was pretty cooperative during most of it. She did get away from me a couple of times when I was trying to dry her off. She's all fluffy and soft now. I gave her some treats right after the bath and praised her to let her know she was good to let me bathe her. I think I ended up as soaked as her. I keep telling her how pretty she looks. Took her for another short walk this afternoon. She sure loves it when I take her out for her walks. I have never seen a dog that loves to go walking as much as she does. Saw my handy man while Hiker and I were out walking. I asked him to come by the house one day after he gets off work. I noticed that I hear water dripping on the fire box in my fireplace when it rains hard. I asked him if there could be a leak around the chimney and he said yes, so he is going to check it out. I'm also going to show him my shower door where the handle broke a few weeks ago and see if he can do something about it for me. I “Mickey Moused” it, but maybe he can fix it better. His uncle is my gardener. I need to ask his uncle how much he would charge me to thin out the tree in my backyard. I don't want it blowing over when we have our high winds. Ben never took care of these kinds of things but at least he would talk to people and get things done. Now I have to do that.

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