Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Hot Day In SoCal

Had trouble going to sleep last night then had crazy dreams all night when I finally did go to sleep. Had a small grief attack this morning. Those little boogers can creep on you so unexpectedly. At least the don't last as long these days. Hiker came to me while I was crying and was whimpering and kissing me. Yesterday at group, Ernie, one of the guys in the group said that over the weekend, he was just sitting at home and he started thinking about his wife and he started to cry. His wife has been gone for a little over 2 years right now. Hiker and I did our normal walk this morning. It was really nice outside but felt like it was going to get pretty hot today. Hiker and I headed to the recycle center after lunch to take over our empty aluminum cans. Sure don't get as much money for them now since Ben is not here drinking beer, but then I don't have as many cans to take either. Hiker seems to like to ride in the car. All I do is ask her if she wants to go with me in the car and she is ready to go. I put her leash on her and she leads me right out to the passenger side of the car where she gets in. I'll have to take Hiker out after dinner for her second walk. Too hot outside to go now. It's about 85° and not much of a breeze. Going to make some Mac & Cheese with the cheeses I ordered from Loleta Cheese Factory (Northern California) a few weeks ago. I love Mac & Cheese. I put those little Smokey Weenies in it.

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