Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hiker Got A New Toy

Beautiful day outside. Took Hiker for her 1.5 mile walk. There were a lot of people out there this morning. Probably because I stayed in bed longer and we got out later than normal. On our way out on the walk, there is a burned-out house that has been sitting vacant for about 5 years since it burned. It's barely boarded up. I noticed 3 little boys, maybe aged 7 to 10 years old sneaking through the fence and into the backyard of the house. I guess a neighbor heard them because I heard them yell “RUN” and they came flying out of the yard and back through the fence. On our way home, I noticed they had been back in the yard again and were just coming out and starting to sneak through the fence. The stopped and looked at me. I decided that their parents obviously don't care where they are or that they might get hurt, so I lied to the boys and told them that I had called the sheriff and told them that there were 3 little boys playing inside the burned out house. I lied and said “the sheriff car is on its way here so you might want to leave now before they get here”. The didn't say anything to me. They just turned and ran away. I'm kind of surprised that the people of that neighborhood have not complained to the city about the burned-out house still being there all of these years. It's an eyesore. By noon it had reached 80°...too hot for a walk by the time I really wanted to go, so instead Hiker and I went over to the open house of the new veterinary hospital that just opened about 3 miles from our house. There were quite a few people there. The staff seemed really nice and I talked with them about bringing Hiker in for her booster shots and an exam. I told them her shots are due in July so they told me to call for an appointment in late June or early July. They said sometimes they can actually get people in on the same day, and if not, the same week. I also talked to a person who works for the company that makes Trifexis which is a parasite protection for dogs and cats. It a chewable tablet that you give your dog once a month, but the problem is, it does not protect them from ticks. She told me that they are working on a new formula that will do that and it should be out in the future. They even gave Hiker a new rope toy just for coming to the open house. When we got home, I took Hiker down to the park. It was getting close to 85° by then, so we didn't stay too long. Came home and I watched the movie “Earthquake” on AMC. I remember when Ben and I went to see that movie when it was showing down in Hollywood right after it came out. We were still dating back then. Going to have a pizza and salad for dinner tonight. I bought a “take-n-bake” pizza at Wal-Mart the other day when I was there.


  1. I stopped by your blog one day when your Ben wassick and in the hospital. I never post but wantedto say that I understand all your feelings your going throu th. My husband lost his mother and father Dec. 30th and Dec. 31rst. I have watched himgo through every emotion possible. I just want to say i love your pup, Hiker! She is a doll!!! So funny with her new babies. I guess I just wanted to say. KEEP ON KEEPING ON!! Thats what I tell my husband when he is having a challenging day!

  2. I get that Trifexis but it is mixed in with their heart preventive pill.

  3. I got my pamplet out and read it a little. The Trifexis does include the heart worm meds along with other meds for other parasites. Sorry if I got you confused.


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