Monday, May 21, 2012

I Really Hate This Heat

I was waiting until it cooled down some before I took Hiker out for her second walk yesterday. I noticed that when the solar eclipse started that the temperature stated to drop so I grabbed Hiker and headed for the park. There was a guy there who had a box set up so he could see the eclipse without looking at the sun. He had a pin-hole in it on one side and inside the box he had a sheet of white paper. He held it up so the sun's light went through the pin-hole and you could see the shadow of the moon blocking some of the sun. Pretty cool. The temperature dropped over 10° while it was happening. My brother Ron called me from Paradise, CA and said that it was getting dark up there and that the outdoor lights had come on because they sensed the dark. He lives where it was going to block the sun out almost completely whereas down here in SoCal it only blocked 86% of the sun. Only took Hiker out for a short walk this morning because I needed to get home to do some housework and it was already getting hot by the time we got out. I also got out and put new nectar in my hummer feeder and watered my plants. Once again it got so hot outside that Hiker and I stayed in most of the day. I had to force her to go outside to go potty because of the heat. I'd open the door for her and she'd feel the heat and turn right back around and stay in the house. I finally went outside with her and then she went potty. If it is going to be this hot for the next few months, Hiker and I won't be getting out too much. Will have to wait until after dinner to go out for another walk this evening. I'm running late on sending this email out today because I had to run over to the Time Warner store and pick up a new Internet modem. I've been having trouble for months with my Internet not connecting so I've been calling TW a lot. Today the technician asked me how old my modem was and I told him at least 10 to 12 years old so he told me to go over to the store and get a new one because mine is so old that it does not have enough memory to accept the daily updates and that's why I keep losing my Internet. While I was there, I spoke with a nice lady again about my cable being in Ben's name and that I wanted to change it if possible into my name and again I was told that I'd have to totally cancel his account and open a new one in my name and that I'd have to pay all of the fees for a new account. She was probably in her 60's and she told me to not worry about it. That as long as the bill gets paid, it doesn't matter who's name is on the account and she said there is no need for me to have to pay all off those fees. She also told me that the agreement between Canyon View Estates and Time Warner has been extended again until August 1st. It was supposed to end on June 5th, so it's nice to know that they are still negotiating. BTW…when I passed the thermometer at the Junior High School it said it was 100° at 4:30 pm.

Hiker trying to stay cool on the bathroom floor


  1. I dread the really hot days coming. We haven't been to bad here yet. Some days in the 80's and 90's. I think that's why my tomatoes have done better here, it's not as hot this time of year as it was in Mobile. Take care, Sheila

  2. It's going to be in the 90's here this weekend. Not looking forward to it. You and Hiker stay cool. Glad you got to see part of the eclipse. take care.


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