Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sizzler Lunch and Sizzling Weather

Beautiful morning when Hiker and I went out for a short 1 mile walk. I didn't want to go on a long walk because I sweat so much and I didn't want to have to take a shower before I went out to lunch with some of my retired girlfriends. Originally I was going to have 4 other ladies riding up to Palmdale with me to the lunch, but I ended up driving by myself as 2 of them ended up not going to the lunch and the other two decided to drive themselves as they needed their own cars. It was a nice drive up and lunch was nice. There ended up being 8 of us, but 2 of them were ladies who do not normally come. One was visiting my friend Judy Holdt. Her name is Diane Davis and she lives in Montana. The other was with my friend Sandi Owens. Her name was Bonnie. It was hot in Palmdale and it was hot when I got home. I had stopped by a Orowheat Thrift Store to pick up some Sheepherder bread. When I got home, Hiker was all over me giving me “kisses”. I always miss her so much when I leave her at home. Put my shorts on as soon as I got home. I hate hot weather. I won't be taking Hiker out for another walk until about 6:00 this evening when it's cooled down some.


  1. Glad you enjoyed some time out with your friends. We have been rainy here the last couple of days. Take care, Sheila

  2. When Mel was alive we liked to eat at Sizzler but now there is no longer any in San Antonio that I know of.

  3. It must be nice to have lunch with friends and then be greeted by an enthusiastic Hiker when you return. We don't find it too hot here in Hollywood, it is just perfect weather. It is much hotter and humid back home.


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