Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Little Bummed

Well my brother Keith is still too sick to come up for his visit. He is hoping he will be able to come up tomorrow. Hiker and I went out for a very short walk over to the park this morning because I needed to get home and do a load of laundry. I also had to call Time Warner because I still was not getting all of my cable TV channels. When I called, I did not get the recorded message so I pushed “4” to talk live to a representative. She told me that the disruption had been fixed and I told her that I still was not getting all of my channels. She had me reboot both of my boxes (again) and that did not work, so she said she would have to send out a technician to figure it out. She did not have a tech available to come until Wednesday, so I figured I'd be without most of my channels until then, but at least I did have some channels to watch. She suggested that there might be a problem with our community connection which would not surprise me one bit. When Hiker and I went to the park this morning, it was only 45°. Crazy since just 3 days ago we were in the 90's. I noticed a little tiny hummingbird this morning at my feeder. It was not moving and it stayed in the same spot for about 30 minutes. Two other hummers kept buzzing around it and it still did not move. I finally went out to look at it closer. It still did not move even though I was no more than about a foot from it. I finally touched it's little tail and it flew off. I don't know if it was sick or afraid of the other hummers or what. Found out from a neighbor who had Time Warner coming today to hook her up to the cable that there was actually a major problem with the cable in our complex. She said the tech told her that he didn't have any idea when it would be fixed. I felt a little “bummed” all day because I had been looking so forward to Keith coming He said he still might come tomorrow but I doubt it. I would not want him driving when he is sick and I would not want him to give whatever he has to me if he is contagious. Plus I would not want him to take the chance of getting even sicker. I am disappointed that he probably won't get to come tomorrow either since he seems to be pretty sick, but I'm sure he'll come out soon. Hiker and I went out for an afternoon walk and when we got home, I had all of my TV channels back! Don't know what they did, but I'm glad they did it. Now I need to call TW back and cancel the tech who is coming Wednesday, but I'll wait until tomorrow to make sure I still have my channels by then. It never got above 62° here today and it has been breezy and cloudy all day. I love the fact that it is cooler. Wish it would stay that way.

Me after I got my TV channels back (LOL

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