Thursday, May 3, 2012

Still Cloudy Here

Another marine layer this morning making SoCal “May Gray” again. I got an email from my older brother Ron saying that one of his neighbors found a baby rattlesnake under one of her flower pots. Ron said his landlady warned all of them to be careful out in their yards. He lives in a little Senior Complex in Paradise, CA. Hiker and I headed over to Wal-Mart so I could do my grocery shopping. Spent more money than normal but I bought some Frontline Plus for Hiker after so many people told me that the Hartz Ultraguard I put on her a little over a week ago was dangerous to use. After everyone told me that, I Googled Hartz Ultraguard and read all of the bad things about it so tossed the 2 bottles I had left. Thank goodness the first bottle I put on Hiker didn't seem to cause any problems for her. Frontline Plus costs a lot more, but to me, Hiker is worth the price. When we got home from shopping, I took hiker out for a 1.7 mile walk. The sun finally started peeking in and out around 11:30 am. It never did totally come out. I took Hiker for an afternoon walk around 1:30 pm. We went over to the San Francisquito Creek Trail and did 2 miles. Was still very cloudy when we came home. Hiker plopped down on the sofa and took a nap. Going to make fish and chips for dinner. I buy some really good beer battered code fillets over at Sam's Club. I don't deep fry them. I bake them in the oven but they tasted deep fried when they come out.

Soccer anyone?

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  1. I know a lady that used Hartz shampoo on her dog. She got in bad shape. Her hair started coming out and she had hot spots on her skin. We use shampoo from the vet and sometimes baby shampoo. We started last summer getting heart guard already mixed with something to kill fleas from the vet. Had to get some more this morning. It last for one month per treatment. That means two for two dogs.


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