Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nice Day With Group And Lunch With The Girls

Hiker had to stay home alone for several house while I was at my Grief Support Group and then out to lunch today. At least she gets to stay in the house with the A/C and her toys instead of in the garage like when I first got her and was not sure how she would behave in the house alone for several hours. I do have a wall A/C in the garage though, so at least she was not hot when she was out there. It was already 70° by the time I left for group. The morning news said that we were going to have high winds with the heat which would make our fire danger really high. The obnoxious guy showed up at group today but he was more quiet than normal. A couple of times our leader had to shut him up but it wasn't too bad today actually. If he stays like that, maybe the rest of us can tolerate him. DeDee, Linda from our group and I met up with Linda Pippin over at the Stonefire Grill for lunch. I had never been there before. It operates kind of like Sizzler...you order at the register and then they bring your food out to you. The food was pretty tasty and priced pretty good. I stay longer than I normally do and had to stop off to fill the 4Runner with gas on my way home, so when I got home, Hiker was all over me giving me hugs and kisses. Need to get Hiker out for a walk. The thermometer reads 90° but feels cooler because the wind is kicking up.

Here is a photo of where we went for lunch. I did not take this photo

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