Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The "Maniac" Was Back At Group Today

Hiker is so funny. She is a pretty good watch-dog. She barks when she see strangers walking by the house. Last evening she went to lookout of the window by the door and she saw a crow sitting on a rock in the front flowerbed. She started growling and barking at it. I went to look to see what she was making the noise about. She wanted to look out the front door, so I opened it and the crow flew off. Hiker then stopped making noise and went back to her toys. Had my Grief Support Group to go to today. I actually look forward to going to the group every Tuesday because I now live such a boring life, it's the only thing I have to look forward to each week. It means I get to be with my new friends and usually get to go to lunch with some of them. That new guy in our group was obnoxious again this week. We are all thinking that maybe he is on some kind of meds and now and then forgets to take them. Last week he was calmer. He tries to tell everyone in the group how they should feel and he doesn't want to listen to anyone else's feelings. Went to lunch with DeDee and Ruth and we were all saying it's too bad that someone in the group can't get enough nerve up to tell this guy that he does NOT need to be in a grief group because he is NOT grieving his wife. He is constantly telling us how happy he is. I think everyone in the group would like for him to never come back, but he keeps showing up like a bad penny. Linda joined us for lunch a little late and the 4 of us talked for awhile after we ate. I got home to a doggy that was glad to see her mama come home. I had made a mental note this morning as to where her toys were located on the floor in the living room before I left. When I got back home, nothing had changed, so I really think that when I am gone, all she does is sit on the ottoman bed in my office watching out the window for me to come home. Usually I take her out for a walk as soon as I get back on Tuesdays but it was 82° when I got home and too hot to walk, so I promised her that I'd take her out later when the sun has gone down some. I put the dose of Frontline Plus on her this morning. I have been checking her daily and have not found any new ticks so I hope I got them all.

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  1. I'm sure he is a pain, but I suspect he really is grieving and doesn't quite know how to express it, so he tells you all how happy he is, and how you should feel. He's not comfortable being vulnerable. It is such a adjustment living on your own isn't it? My husband didn't die, but he left me and I felt like he had died. Half of me was gone and I had no idea what to do with myself. I'm glad you have Hiker, she is such a sweet girl, and I love this blog. Your honesty is refreshing!


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