Friday, May 25, 2012

Long Weekend Coming

Around dinner time yesterday, I noticed that over half of my TV channels were gone. Waited for about an hour and then tried rebooting the digital box in the living room. That didn't help, so I went in and turned on the TV in the bedroom only to find that the channels were gone there too, so I knew it was not the digital boxes. I called Time Warner and got a recorded message telling me that they were experiencing a service disruption in our area and that the technicians were working on it. I was able to get a few stations, so I watched TV in the living room until about 8:45 pm and then went into the bedroom to read. After about another hour, I tried the TV again but still nothing, so I called Time Warner again and got the same message. Usually if this happens, it only takes them a couple of hours or less to fix the problem. Decided to try to go to sleep but I just could not get comfortable in bed and I just tossed and turned. I think I finally fell asleep around 2:00 am. Hiker woke me up around 6:00 am wanting to go potty. While she was outside, I tried the TV again and it still had not been fixed. I once again called TW and got the same message again. Got up around 8:00 am and had breakfast and then Hiker and I went for a walk. There was a thick marine layer so it was a lot cooler this morning. I had put on shorts but when I walked out the front door to head out for the walk, I turned around and came back into the house to put on some jeans. That's how much cooler it was. We walked our usual 1 ½ miles. We came home and then took the car over to the post office so I could mail a couple of things then we came home and I went out on the patio to water my plants. Got a text message from my brother Keith. Yesterday he told me that he had a stuffy nose, sore throat and was starting to feel achy. His text message this morning said that he felt worse and that he's hoping he does not have to cancel his trip up here for the weekend. He also said that if he still feels bad tomorrow (Saturday), that he hopefully will feel OK on Sunday and he will come up then and it will just cut his visit short by one day. Hope he doesn't have the flu. After lunch, Hiker and I went for another walk. This time we did 2.1 miles. It was still very cloudy and very windy. Not gusts but strong sustaining winds. The temperature today only got up to 64° which was a very nice change from last week. Earlier I went online to Time Warner's website and did a live chat with a tech person. Asked them about this disruption of the TV cable we are having. Again I was told that they are working on it and will try to have it fixed asap, but if my total service is not back on in 24 hours, they told me to call Time Warner and speak with someone on the phone. When their service is down this long, they should take some of the money off of our bill but you know they won't.
Photo from our morning walk


  1. Kay,
    I once talked with the cable people to fix our cable and I remember saying these words, "Please, please fix this, I must have TV, I really don't have much of a life!!!" It made the guy on the phone chuckle and the problem was resolved quickly. Humor helps? Can't hurt! (Although, I would still try to make them take some money off the bill, good idea!)

  2. I agree you should NOT be charged for cable while it's not on. Hope they managed to get it up and running before the weekend was over???


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