Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Lunch With A Friend

Ben's best buddy Ed came to visit me and Hiker today. Ed and Ben met when they worked for the same company in Burbank, CA many, many years ago. Ben and I were dating back then. I met Ed about 35 years ago and he was always a very good friend to Ben. He was at the hospital many times visiting when Ben was sick. Ed treated me to lunch at Round Table Pizza. Ben and I used to meet Ed for lunch about every 2 months or so. We'd meet at different place half-way between where we live and where Ed lives. Hiker sure protects me. She was outside in the yard sunning when Ed came to the door. I let him into the house and suddenly Hiker was at the sliding door snarling and barking like crazy because she noticed a strange man in the house with her mom. I let her in and she went for him with her neck hair standing on end. She has met Ed a few other times, but it is so far between when he actually comes to the house that she wasn't sure if he was OK. After awhile, she was making up to him and playing ball with him. Beautiful day here today. Got up to around 80° with a small breeze. I love my new friends from the grief support group, but it's nice to be with friends like today and yesterday when I was with Karren and Wally, people who knew Ben. It's nice to talk about Ben with people who actually knew him because they have memories of him too.

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