Thursday, April 18, 2013

Long Day At Kaiser

Got up at the crack of dawn this morning so I'd be ready by the time Jean came to pick me up to drive down to Kaiser. Because we never know how the traffic will be going through the Newhall Pass, we always leave a lot earlier than you would think we need to in case there is an accident. There was a lot of traffic, but we still got to Kaiser about 40 minutes before my appointment. Gave us time to go to the bathroom. I checked in early, but they called me in 15 minutes early too, so that was good. From the photographs they took of my eye on Monday, the doctor diagnosed me with Retinal Telangiectasis. The blood vessels in my right eye “seep” and the fluid settles in front of my retina which causes my vision to distort. He decided to do a laser treatment to “zap” the fluid and “cauterize” some of the vessels so they would stop “seeping”. It took about 5 minutes. He told me he wants to see me again in July and that he will probably “zap” me again because he doesn't like to use the laser too long on a patient because it can cause other problems. The procedure improved my vision some, but I can see where he will need to do it again next time because I still have some distortion. But he did say it may take a few more treatments. After he finished, my eye was very watery and it stung a little like when you get soap in your eye. Now that I'm home it itches. After my appointment was done, we went over to Wal-Mart to waste some time because Jean's appointment was not of another hour. Once she was done, we came back over to Santa Clarita and had lunch at Stonefire Grill. Hiker was so excited when we got back to my house.

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  1. Hope your eye improves. It looks painful but I suppose if it's itching that is a good sign.


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