Monday, April 8, 2013

Windy Day

Was a little cloudy this morning when Hiker and I got up. Just before I was heading out the door to go get gasoline and do some shopping at Sam's Club, Jean was at my door with her dogs. She said Charlie had been crying all morning like he was hurt or something and she wanted to know if he dogs could play in the backyard with Hiker for a little while so we could watch Charlie and see if he appeared to be hurt in any way. I noticed that he was “favoring” his right front paw so we didn't know if he sprained it or had stepped on something or what. We inspected it and it looked OK. After they all went back home, I headed up to Sam's Club and the wind was really starting to kick up. It was blowing me all over the road. I didn't get to pick up everything I needed at Sam's because they didn't have Eggland's Best eggs this time. That's the ONLY brand of eggs I eat so I'll have to pick some up at the grocery store, even though they will cost me more for a lesser amount. Was too windy to go out and walk today. When I was outside, I kept getting dirt in my eyes from the dust blowing up.

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