Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesdays Have Become My Favorite Day

Good support group today. A lot of interaction from the members, which is always good. For awhile, there were only about 5 of us there and we were wondering where everyone was. Our therapist was later than normal today also. But by the middle of the session, the room was full. We have 2 “new” people and one of them “shared” today. Sometimes it takes them a little while to open up to us. It is hard to show our emotional side to “strangers” until we get to know them a little better and see that they understand and will not ridicule us for crying. I think everyone of us who has come into the group felt a little embarrassed at first when we'd shed a tear of two, but eventually, we knew that we could do it without fear. After group, five of us ladies went over to Red Robin for lunch. We always have so much fun. I love listening to Jane's stories and we keep finding out more about each other that we didn't know, like the fact that Ruth loves to ride horses and has all of her life and that she is in the process of buying a horse and she is very excited about it. We found out that Linda is selling her condo and moving into the same senior complex where Jane lives and that made Jane very happy. I've made some good friends at the group. When I got home, Hiker wanted me to go out back and play ball with her, so we did that for awhile.


  1. It sounds like Tuesdays were "made in heaven" for you, Kay... and I'm so glad! You deserve each & every one of them.


  2. Glad your group is working out for you and I know that has been such a support. Red Robin didn't sound too bad either! Oh how I love a good burger!


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