Monday, April 15, 2013

Home From My Procedure

Jean and I did a dog walk early this morning. It was cold and cloudy while we were out. We let the dogs play for about a hour in my yard then Jean headed home. She was back to pick me up at 12:15 for my appointment at Kaiser. We arrived about 30 minutes before my appointment time, but I went ahead and checked in and within about 10 minutes the technician came out and took me into the exam/photo room to have me sign some waiver papers and to take some preliminary photos. He also put the dilating drops into my eyes. He said the nurse would be back from lunch soon and he had me sit in “the dark room” until she got there. She was there in about 15 minutes and called me right in. She was the one who would inject the dye and make sure I didn't pass out or anything. The technician took the photos. He photographed both eyes. Took about 10 or 12 pictures of each eye. The entire procedure only took about 20 to 30 minutes even though the letter they had sent to me said it would take 1 ½ to 2 hours. I questioned why the letter said that and I was told that it was an old letter. They used to take the photos and then have the patient wait while the doctor looked at the pictures and then the doctor would discuss the results with the patient, but they don't do that anymore because the doctors are so busy. So I go back on Thursday to see what the doctor has to say. On the way home, Jean wanted to stop by PetSmart, so we did that and then she dropped me off at my house. I turned on the TV and saw where someone set off bombs at the Boston Marathon. They were saying it was a terrorist attack. My eyes are still very dilated and it makes things “fuzzy”. Hope they clear up enough for me to watch the “Dallas” season finale tonight.

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  1. Hope the results are not going to be a worry. Glad to read you have friends to spend time with.


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