Monday, April 22, 2013

Another "Summer-like" Day

Went to bed last night around 9:30 but for some reason I could not get comfortable and go to sleep. I was still awake at 1:30 but I must have finally fell asleep because at 3 minutes to 6:00, Hiker woke me whimpering and licking my face. We got up and got ready to go on our Monday dog walk with Jean and her dogs. Jean sometimes keeps dogs for people when they are on vacation or away on business. This morning she had “Lexy” along with the other dogs. Hiker kept trying to get Lexy to play when we were in my back yard, but Lexy just kept growling at Hiker. After Jean left with the dogs, I had breakfast and then went to Sam's Club. I finally got out late yesterday for a short walk with Hiker. I was getting angry with myself for being so lazy. Both of my brothers had doctor's appointments today. Ron always calls me after his appointments to tell me what his doctor said and Keith usually emails me to tell me what his doctor said. Both of them are doing good. Keith said his doctor told him that his slight anemia is going away, so that's good news. Ron said his doctor told him his heart and lungs sound good. After lunch I checked out my earthquake survival kit. I try to check it every 3 months to make sure the food I have set aside is still good and that all of my flashlights work. I also run my gas generator for a few minutes every 3 months to make sure it is working OK. After paying some bills, I went outside and raked up some leaves in the back yard. I have an evergreen shade tree out there, but when it does drop some leaves, it drops them in the spring and summer.

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