Friday, April 19, 2013

Warm Friday

Went for a morning dog walk with Jean. Beautiful morning and turned out to be a beautiful day as well. My right eye has been itching most of the day, but I'm assuming that it is healing from the laser treatment. I must say that even though I still have some distortion in that eye, I am very pleased with what the doctor did yesterday. For years I have been looking through something that I can only describe as looking through an old pane of glass that had colored from age. Now the colors are so vivid. I guess it's like what people have told me about when they get cataract surgery, they realize how vivid the colors become. I just hope that when I go back in about 3 months that he will do another laser treatment and it will clear up more of the distortion. Nothing on TV today except the stories about the Boston Bombers. I played ball for Hiker for awhile, but it was pretty warm outside so didn't stay out there in the sun too long. Also repainted my metal garden windmill that I bought when Ben and I first moved here. Nothing really planned for this weekend.

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  1. I am glad your vision has improved. Your windmill looks cute and colorful! Have a great weekend!


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