Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Anniversary

Today was Ben's and my 33rd wedding anniversary. I say “was” instead of “would have been” because in my heart and soul, Ben and I are still married and I will be married to him until the day I die. I remember on our 30th anniversary (the last one we really got to celebrate), Ben asked me what I wanted to do that day. I told him we didn't really have to do anything special but he said “well staying married for 30 years these days is special”. He surprised me when he said that because he usually never said things like that. He was in ICU on our 31st anniversary (the last one he was alive). He was not awake much that day. I sat by his side all day holding his hand as he slept. I prefer to remember the 30th and not the 31st. It was beautiful this morning when Hiker and I got out of bed. I decided to flush out my water heater so I went out and hooked the hose up to it and went back inside while it drained. Took Hiker out for a short morning walk. The sky was so blue and the sun was so bright. There was also a nice breeze blowing. After lunch, Hiker and I went over and got Charlie (Jean's dog) and took him down to the park then went back and visited with Jean for awhile. It has gotten cloudy since we went out on our walk. Hiker picked up a dog chew over at Jean's and brought it home with us.

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  1. Awwwww ((((((Kay))))))... what a beautiful & poignant account of your love for Ben & he for you. That picture is absolutely stunning. The love radiates OUT from that picture, most assuredly.

    As you remember your beloved today, try to think to the future & being reunited with him once again. At that time it will be for all eternity!! No more good-byes!!

    Love to you on this very special day--Andrea


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