Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Group Day

Went to my support group today. Had two new ladies. Both lost their husbands in March. Also and a “psycho” come into the meeting, but thank goodness she didn't stay long. She was looking for information on finding a one-on-one therapist, but she was very strange and very angry with the world. She was not a widow. It had to do with her having to be a caretaker for her 94 year old mother, so obviously she was in the wrong group. When some of us first came into the room, she was sitting in the seat where our leader always sits. One of the guys nicely told her that the leader always sits in that spot and so she should move to another seat. Well, she just sat there and said, “if she wants me to move when she gets here, she can tell me to move”. We were all a little shocked at her reply. We've had other people sit in Judy's chair and when we tell them, they very nicely move to another seat. Not this wacko. We were all very relieved when she left the session half-way through. Went to Round Table Pizza for lunch, so I won't need to have dinner tonight...too full. Got up into the low 90's here today. They had said that our weather was going to start cooling down, but so far it's just gotten warmer. My eye has been bothering me some today. Feels a little swollen for some reason.

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  1. I'm glad that you still enjoy your group visits and a lunch after must be nice. Some people are hard to reason with sometimes. Hope she doesn't come back.


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