Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day With Friends And Family

Got up earlier than we have been lately because Jean and I were heading over to Central Park in Saugus to attend the Earth/Arbor Day event for our city. We got there about 5 minutes before it was supposed to open and there were already hundreds of people there. There were about 20 booths representing various organizations like our water district, the forestry department, the waste management people, etc. We got a lot of free stuff from each booth. My friend RuthAnne was volunteering in one of the booths, so we visiting with her for awhile. There was a booth for the Gibbon Conservation Center so Jean suggested we go up into Bouquet Canyon to the center and see the gibbon monkeys. We spent about a hour there then went to lunch at Arbys. While having lunch, Ben's sister Donna called me. She is in town because one of her grand-daughters has been sick. The baby is doing better so Donna wanted to see if it was OK if the came by to see me and Hiker. The came by in the afternoon and stayed for a few hours. We sat outside on my patio while Rich played with Hiker and we went for a walk. Always so nice to have them visit. They are my link to Ben.

My stash of freebies from the Earth/Arbor Day event

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