Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pleasant Sunday

Got up at 6 am to let Hiker outside and I felt very sleeping so went back to bed. I started dreaming, so I must have went into a deep sleep. Hiker woke me up at 8 am so I got up and had some waffles for breakfast. Then I put Hiker in the car and we went to buy my Lotto tickets and then over to the Kaiser Pharmacy to pick up my blood pressure meds for the next 3 months. Came home and went outside to “secure” the patio for the winds they are saying we are going to get tonight and tomorrow. Then I put my sheets and towels in the washer and cleaned house. I put a boneless/skinless chicken breast into my crock pot to stew and I will add some egg noodles later for my dinner. I'm having a “busy” week coming up. I usually say I don't have much of a social and that I'm home most of the time, which I don't mind because I've always been a homebody. Monday I have to go to Sam's Club for some groceries and gasoline. Tuesday I have my grief group and lunch with the ladies after. Wednesday, my friends Karren and Wally are coming down from Quartz Hill and we will go to lunch. Thursday, Ben's buddy Ed is coming out from Pomona and we will go to lunch. Friday I think I have a “free” day and then Saturday, my neighbor Jean asked me if I'd like to go to our city's Earth/Arbor Day Celebration. It is being held at our Central Park. Watched the old movie “Cocoon” last night. I remember Ben and I saw that movie back in 1985 when it was made. I was only 35 back then and last night when I watched the movie, I seemed to be looking at it in a different way than I did 28 years ago. This time I identified more with those elderly people. Funny how that happens.

Hiker waiting for me to kick the ball so she could chase it

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