Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Day Of 2013

Was a little more chilly this morning when Hiker and I got up. I had my Grief Support Group today so I had to get up and get ready to go. Had a really nice session. Today was our therapist's birthday so we sang to her and we had some homemade cup cakes that one of the members made. After group seven of us ladies went over to the pizza parlor for lunch and as usual had a great time. We talk about the darnedest things (LOL). On my way to group this morning, I had stopped by our community office to pick up a calendar. One of our residents is a loan officer and she is the person who helped Ben and I refinance our home back in 2001. She always has the coolest calendars made for advertising and she usually hands them out at our community Christmas party, but we didn't have a party this year because our community manager broke her foot. Our manager is also my neighbor (Chris) and she “warned” me that her oldest son was throwing a New Years Eve party tonight. She has some pretty good kids, so I'm OK with that. Although I'll have to make sure I close my bedroom door so Hiker doesn't run into the front of the house and bark all evening. I had picked up a calendar for Jean, my other neighbor, so when I got home from my group/lunch, I took the calendar up to her house and visited for a few minutes. Hiker loves going to her house to visit Jean's dogs, plus there are always treats and other goodies there.

Hope everyone stays SAFE this New Years Eve.

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  1. Staying very safe here, Kay.... just me, hubby, Caboose and both grandgirls. The adult kids & their spouses got together at one of their houses for board games & adult beverages. I think the heads over here will feel a LOT better in the morning, than over there! *haha* But they're all staying put under one roof for the night so that makes me a happy mom!

    Happy New Year, Kay, and may you have many blessings showered upon you in the new year ahead.



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