Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lazy Sunday

For some reason I was very tired today. I let Hiker outside at 6 am then we got back into bed and I turned on the morning news, but I fell back to sleep which I usually don't do. Woke up around 7:45 and still felt very tired. Got up at 8 am and had a bowl of cereal then Hiker and I went to buy the lottery tickets. Did a load of laundry and put clean sheets on the bed. After lunch, Hiker and I walked over to Jean's house so Hiker could give a few of her homemade treats that I made for her yesterday to her buddies Sassy, Charlie and Timmy. Stayed for about 20 minutes and then came home. I had planned on taking Hiker for a walk today but for some reason, I was feeling really tired still and decided not to go. It's better to go during the week anyway because then the traffic is not as bad if I want to drive somewhere different to take a walk. Some high clouds started coming in by late afternoon but I have not heard anything about any rain this coming week.

My solar "toys" were dancing like crazy in my kitchen window today.

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  1. Your dancing toys are too cute! Hope you are feeling better. Take care, Sheila


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