Friday, December 13, 2013

Eye Exam

Left early to go to my appointment with my retina specialist. Jean drove me and we had to take surface streets over to Panorama City as there was a terrible accident on the freeway where the I5 and the 405 come together. We still got there early enough for me to check in on time. So now I have to start getting injections in my right eye. It seems that the inside of my eye has a small cyst and some swelling that doesn't seem to go away so the doctor wants to start treatment for the swelling. His appointment girl was not in today, so she will call me to make an appointment (probably in January) for my first injection. The doctor said they do a series of four injections about a month apart and hopefully the medications they use will make the swelling go away. The only problem with the injections is that they make cataracts come sooner (which I already have baby ones) and there is the risk of infection or retinal detachment, however the doctor said the last two risks are very rare. My doctor had hoped that the swelling would go down on its own, but since it didn't we have to start the treatments. I've attached a link that tells about the eye injections. I went online to see what it said about them as the doctor told me that they are not really painful, just a little discomfort at the time. I told my doctor that I've been worried that my eye problem will eventually cause me to have trouble getting my driver's license, but he told me that he doesn't see any reason that would happen. He said that in California, you have to be “legally blind” before they take away your license for your vision. We came back over to Santa Clarita and did a little shopping then went to a place called Everest for lunch. Very good food, and a lot of it for a very reasonable price.

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  1. The eye injections sound painful. But if they do their job, that's all that matters.


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