Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Good Day At Support Group

Got up at 7 am as I had my support group at the Senior Center today. Was a little chilly this morning and only got up to around 65° today. We had a “standing room only” group today. We really need a larger meeting room. Had a lot of fun at lunch with the “girls”. We always have such great stories and we laugh a lot. I'm so glad I met these great ladies. Tomorrow I am going to meet some of my Lockheed retired girlfriends for lunch. We started out with a large group, but it has been dwindling down and now it appears that there will only be about 4 of us there for sure, but we will still have fun. They are saying it is going to be very cold here the rest of the week with possible rain and snow in the mountains. They also are saying we are going to have high winds. I'll be driving up to Palmdale alone (about 30 miles one way), so I hope it's not raining then and I hope it's not too windy as they always have extremely high winds up there.

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  1. Hope the weather cooperates with your day trip.


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