Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nice Day

I let Keith sleep in a little this morning. Hiker was at his door around 7 am trying to get him to wake up and play with her. We had some breakfast and then headed up to Vasquez Rocks to do a short hike. Keith loves going there and so does Hiker. It was very windy there but still a lot of people there exploring. Came back home and had lunch and the Keith and I headed out to hit a few of the stores in town before he heads for home later this evening. Our brother Ron emailed me that he was feeling much better today. He said he slept very well last night and that his blood pressure and his heart rate were normal today. He had all of us a little worried yesterday. After lunch, Keith and I did a little driving around. We were looking for the location of two restaurants here in town. Found one of them but not the other.

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  1. So happy Ron is feeling better & that you had a nice day with Hiker & Keith!



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