Sunday, December 22, 2013

Very Normal Sunday

Another cold morning when Hiker and I got up. We went and picked up my lottery tickets then came home to do some laundry and clean the house. Just hung out on the sofa most of the day. We did go for a short walk after lunch and we refilled the hummer feeder on the patio. I'm thinking about getting one of those “shepherds hooks” to put by my kitchen window and hand another hummer feeder there for the spring. I used to have one by my kitchen window and I had one hummer that visited it several times a day. I've been waiting all day for the USPS to deliver something I ordered on Amazon. I is supposed to be “Prime” delivery which is free 2-day shipping and it says it is supposed to be delivered today. Amazon has contracted with USPS to delivery on Sundays now and I've seen them delivering on Sundays in my neighborhood. It was usually early on Sunday mornings that I would see them so I expected them to deliver my order this morning, but I'm still waiting and it's a little after 3 PM right now. Although the email does say that it should be delivered by 8 PM so they have a few more hours.

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