Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cold In SoCal

Had a dream about Ben last night. I remember I was going all over the place trying to find the exact dog food I wanted for Hiker and could not find it anywhere. Ben was with me. At one point we somehow ended up at a Jewish wedding for someone we didn't even know (strange), and Ben being his usual self was up and wandering all over the place and I had to keep going to look for him. He never was one that could sit still in one place for very long. At one point I found him out in the parking lot of the temple sitting in a car waiting for me, then I woke up. It was 19 years ago on this date that Ben and I moved into the home I still live in. Jean called me around 8:30 this morning with a computer problem. She had tried to look something up on the Internet and she got a pop-up telling her that she had to download something to get into the site she wanted and she did so, which I told her NEVER do that because you can get viruses that way. Anyway, whatever it was she downloaded changed her home page on her browser and she had no idea how to change it back, so I went over and took care of that for her and deleted what she had downloaded. At 10:45 I left for Palmdale to have lunch with a few of my retired Lockheed girlfriends. Originally 9 of us were going but it ended up just being 4 of us as the others were either sick or had other plans. But it was great seeing Suzi, Judy and Jacki. When I left home it 60° but when I got to Palmdale it was only 45° and breezy. When I got back home it was 58°. On the way home my stomach started gurgling so I don't know if it was something I ate or not.

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