Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Support Group Today

Went to my grief support group this morning. We actually had empty seats today which is strange since the past few weeks we've had standing room only. Only three of us went to lunch after group...me, Linda Clark and Jane Hager. Even though next Tuesday is Christmas Eve, we are still planning on having a group meeting. I wonder how many people will actually show up. It go up into the low 80's here today but they say we have a chance of rain Thursday and Friday and that our temps will drop back down again. This evening, me, Hike and Jean and going to walk around inside our gated community and check out the Christmas lights. It's nice to know that I'll have a nice calm week this week since for the past two weeks, I've been so busy.

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  1. Hi Kay , it is Country Gal here . thanks for visiting my blog . Oh I love your moon photos the first one looks wonderfully mysterious . I am now following . Looking forward to what goes on in your neck of the woods . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !


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