Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Day At Group

Actually slept a little better last night, but still had dreams. I remember a little bit about a couple of them...I was visiting someone (don't know who) and we were getting ready to get in the car and head out for some sightseeing and I was looking forward to taking some photographs. That was one dream and then another one I was in a big hall of some sort...the kind where they hold events. I remember it was night time, but don't remember why I was there or much else about the dream. Up at 7 am and did my “normal” Tuesday stuff before I got ready to head over to the Senior Center for my support group. Had another small group today. Don't know what has happened to all of the people we were getting before. We have this one woman who comes to the group who is not a widow so we are all guessing that she is there for the first hour of the group which is for “emotional support”, but then she continues to stay the second hour which is our “grief support”. She is very annoying in the fact that she “talks down” to all of us. She seems to think she is an expert on EVERYTHING! She always uses big words to make herself sound more intelligent. There is nothing she does not have an opinion about. She does not go to lunch with us which is a good thing because our little lunch group always has a lot to say about her. Today we all found it annoying that she likes to pat herself on the back by telling us how she is always paying for someone's purchase at the store if they don't have the money or enough money to cover what they are purchasing. That is a nice thing for her to do, but she should not be telling everyone about it to make people think what a wonderful person she is. Those are the kinds of things you do anonymously. This woman is somewhat annoying every week, but today, it was like something got her all wound up and we could not turn her off. She is also very argumentative. Several of us noticed that our therapist was getting very annoyed with this woman today, but she has to stay professional. So now I'm home and Hiker is happy, so all is well.

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  1. Aren't dreams interesting ---and sometimes scary???? I don't always remember mine--but when I do, they are vivid!!!

    Most all groups have a 'token smarty pants' in it...Do you have a leader? Someone needs to nicely take over and move on quickly ---trying to make her realize that she is monopolizing the conversation... Takes a special leader to do that--without offending her. Good Luck.



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