Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Day At The Street Fair

Even though I took a sleep aid before I went to bed last night, I could not fall asleep. I think I finally nodded off around 2 am. Hiker woke me up around 6 am to go outside and then we went back to bed until 7 am when I finally got up and got dressed, had breakfast and waited for Jean to pick me up at 8:30 am to head over to her friend Toni's house and then Toni drove us up to Montrose for the street fair. I think Ben and I went to the annual street fair many years ago and it was much smaller back then. Now it is about 3 blocks long and there are hundreds, if not thousands of people there. It was nice a cool when we first got there, but later it started getting really hot. I kept trying to find a place to get under a tree for some shade. Some of the booths had nice breezes blowing through them, so we would stop and pretend we were looking at the wares that were for sale just so we could get cool. The only thing I bought was a yard stake of a dog and I had them add Hiker's name to it. So many people brought their dogs to the street fair, but I would never take Hiker because it was so crowded and too hot and I'd be afraid she would blister her little paws on the black top. I really like Jean's friend Toni. I met her once before when the three of us went to an event here in the Santa Clarita Valley. We got back home around 1 pm. Hiker was happy to see me. She wanted her mid-day snack and she wanted to “help” me eat my lunch. Have a busy week ahead. Have our Monday and Friday dog walk with Jean and her dogs. I have my support group on Tuesday. Wednesday I have to take my Rav4 over to the Toyota Dealer for an oil change. I need to find a day to get over to Wal-Mart this week and then I have to start getting the things ready that I'm going to try to sell at our community's annual yard sale which is this Saturday.


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