Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fun Day With Old Friends

We got out of bed around 7 am had some breakfast and then Hiker and I drove over to buy my Lottery Tickets. Beautiful morning, but didn't get out to walk because I'm waiting for the blisters on my feet to heal more. They are much better but when I walk, naturally my feet sweat and that does not help them to heal. I read that the reason we get blisters on our feet is because of friction which can be caused by moisture. The body creates a cushion (the blister) to protect the skin. Would you believe that I read that nylon socks are better than cotton socks because they cause less friction? I would think that cotton socks would keep the feet dryer, but I guess not.
Drove up to the Sizzler in Palmdale to meet up with some of my retired Lockheed girlfriends. We were all shocked when we saw that the price of the Senior All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar went up. Last time we were there is was $10.99 and now it is $11.49. I remember when it was $7.99 several years back Always have such a good time with those ladies. We've all known each other for many, many years.
It got up into the mid-90s today and they are saying it is going to get hotter next week.

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  1. Lunch sounds good. Unfortunately the price of everything is going up. Blisters on the feet are a bitter pill to swallow. They can be very painful. Hope you heal soon.


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