Thursday, June 26, 2014

Had Lunch With Ben's Buddy

Hiker and I got up around 7 am this morning, had some breakfast then went and bought my lottery ticket and headed over to the Sam's Club gas station to fill the car up. It was overcast due to a thick marine layer. I wouldn't mind if these marine layers stuck around all summer so it wouldn't be so hot.
My friend Ed (Ben's best buddy) came up from Pomona, CA and took me to lunch at Round Table then we came back home and Ed played with Hiker for awhile.
Ed is the only person that it takes Hiker awhile to “get friendly” with. There is just something about him that she does not trust at first. She is fine after a minute or so with other people who come to visit, but when Ed comes, she snarls at him and nips at him. Finally after about 20 or 30 minutes, she starts to be OK with him. Ben always said that Ed was “strange”, so I think that Hiker senses that. Ed left to head back home a little after 2 pm.
It stayed hazy here all day due to that morning marine layer, but it helped to keep the temperature in the low 80s.
Ate so much at lunch that I won't need any dinner tonight.

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  1. Dogs have an intuition you can't argue with. But when it's a friend they're being difficult around, you just have to be patient, I suppose. Glad you had a nice lunch out.


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