Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Day At Support Group

Had a pretty good support group today. Had a new lady who just lost her husband two weeks ago. He passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. Also had a wonderful story from one of the other members Marina. She lost her son in a car accident awhile back. Anyway, she went to see Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium). She was a little skeptic as I have always been. It was at a theater in Cupertino, CA and Marina said there were about 2000 people there so she felt there was no way she was going to “hear from her son”. Well she because a true believer and now I am too. She said they never ask you any question ahead of time or ask you “trick” questions to get you to say something that might help Theresa “read” your loved ones. She said that Theresa knew that someone in the audience had their son's fingerprint on a necklace and Marina did. Theresa knew how he died and there were so many other things that she knew without Marina even saying a word. As she was telling us about it, I got the chills. I watch “The Long Island Medium” all the time and wanted to believe that there are people who can communicate with people who have passed, but always had that little bit of “I'm not sure”, but I really feel now that Theresa Caputo is the real thing. I would love to have a one-on-one reading with her but she is in New York and when she comes to California, she does large groups. I felt so good coming away from the session today.
Paul, our retired police captain in the group, took five of us ladies out for lunch at MiMi's Cafe. He is only the second guy who has gone to lunch with us ladies. We love listening to his stories about when he was a cop.
Was not as hot here today as it was yesterday. We had a really thick marine layer this morning and the haze stuck around all day. It was 82° on my patio when I got home from group.
Tomorrow, I have to go and have photographs taken of the insides of my eyes down at Kaiser. My neighbor Jean is going to take me as they will be dilating my eyes. We don't go until afternoon. I prefer morning appointments, but they didn't have any.


  1. I had never heard of Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium). What she did with your friend was quite impressive. I'm glad it brought her comfort. Lunch sounded like fun.

  2. Those groups are so important ---and you all (who have been through the grief process and are at different levels) can help the newcomers SO much... Sounds like an interesting group meeting ---talking about the medium. I used to watch some TV show where people talked to a medium... I found it SO interesting...

    Glad you had a good meeting AND lunch!!!


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