Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Had Our Group Session Even If The Center Didn't Want Us

Yesterday not long after I had sent out my daily email blog, I got a phone call from the Senior Center telling me that our grief support group would not be meeting again until July 1st. My first thought was that our therapist was sick or had been injured in some way, but they proceeded to tell me that the center was out of funds for their support groups. I called some of the members and several of us decided to meet for lunch since we were not going to have a group session. Then this morning I find an email from our therapist Judy Harris telling us that she was upset about how the center called us and that she has a personal and professional commitment to us and that she still wanted us to meet her at the center at 10 am and if need be, we would drive over to her office a few blocks away and hold our session there. So I started making phone calls and several of us met her in the parking lot at the center. So she basically told the leaders at the center that she was going to have her support session even if they don't have the money to pay her. There were only about 7 or 8 of us there, but at least we had our session. After that, four of us went to lunch and once again Paul came with us and he insisted on paying for everyone's lunch just like he did last week. He needs to stop doing that!
After I got home, I got a call from my older brother Ron. He had a follow-up with his doctor today after his hospital stay. The doctor told him he seems to be doing good and today the doctor did not notice any skip in his heart beat.
Weather was pretty nice here today. Once again we started out with the “June Gloom” but the sun came out. It was about 75° with some haze left over from the marine layer and a nice breeze.


  1. Support groups often break up after something like this happening. So I'm glad you were able to hold the group together and have a meeting anyway. Paul sounds like a nice guy. Glad your brother's health has improved.

  2. Seems like your therapist is a great woman. Therapy is a calling as well as a job and it's great that you have a person who recognizes that.


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