Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Normal Tuesday

Went to my grief support group today, even though according to the senior center, we were not really there. They are supposed to get their funding next week. Small group today and we had two new people join us again. After the session, four of us ladies went out for pizza.
Wasn't too hot today. Got up to around 82° on my patio and there was a nice little breeze.
Hiker was funny this morning before I left. She has pulled the little round tail off of the big bunny toy I got her the other day. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and she came to me with the little round ball of a tail in her mouth. She dropped it at my feet as if to say “look what I did mom”. Now that's all she has been playing with...the little round tail. I told her that she just wanted her bunny to be tailless like she is.

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  1. It was nice you were still able to have a group meeting. Hiker has a sense of humor.


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