Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hiker OK...Brother Ron Still In Hospital

Well today was much better than yesterday. Last night, Hiker was still moping around and acted like she didn't want me to touch her. This morning she was on my bed lying on the pillow next to my head and she was wanting me to get up. She seems to be back to normal. She has been playing with her toys and running around the house and she was chasing the birds out in the back yard. This makes me feel so much better because I was so worried about her last night. I sat beside her massaging her back and I cried. She kissed me. I think she realizes how worried I was about here because she has been extremely lovable today, wanting to kiss me and get hugs. My nephew Matt went over to the hospital to be with his dad (my brother Ron). He texted me that the doctor said the reason Ron was feeling light headed and his heart was racing might be because Ron just started drinking coffee with caffeine again. He has drank de-caf for years and not long ago started drinking caffeinated coffee because he felt it would give him more energy. Around noon, Ron called me and said that they are going to keep him in the hospital another day and night. They want to have him walk around the halls while they monitor his heart and see if he has another “episode”. They noticed in the EKG that one of the valves in his heart may not be performing normally. He didn't like the idea that he had to stay there longer, but he knows it's for the best. They are also going to have him wear a 24-hour heart monitor for a month once they send him home. I started getting some of the stuff together that I am going to try to sell at our community yard sale Saturday. I take my stuff over to Jean's house to sell so she can park her car in my driveway. I have tons of old vinyl albums that I'm going to try to sell and some 45 records too. I also have a small bookcase and some beaded jewelry that I made and never wear. After lunch I went outside and trimmed a few of my plants. It was starting to get pretty hot, so didn't stay out there too long. Got up to about 90° here today and is supposed to be near 100° this weekend.

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  1. Glad Hiker is better. It's worrisome when a pet doesn't feel well. Sorry to hear your brother is still in the hospital. I hope the valve isn't going to lead to bigger problems for him. Have fun at the yard sale.


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