Saturday, June 28, 2014

Last Saturday Of June

Didn't get out of bed this morning until 8 am. I was not asleep all of that time. I was watching TV since I woke up around 7 am. I really need to force myself to get up early and get out for a walk with Hiker when it's still cool outside. I know I keep saying that and hopefully I will eventually get myself to do it. We did get out for a short 1 mile walk this morning, but it was getting hot while we were out.
Did a load of laundry and wrote a letter to my friend Mary Lou who is a lady I met the first day I hired in at Lockheed back in 1968. She is now in her late 80's and lives in Virginia. She does not have a computer, so I have to always communicate with her either by phone or by snail mail. She likes me to send her photos of Hiker, so I have to write her letters a lot.
Put together a meatloaf and put it in the crock pot to slow cook. Even though I'll have some of it for dinner tonight, I make it mostly for leftovers so I can make cold meatloaf sandwiches.
I think Hiker swiped a Hershey's Miniature off of my computer tray while I was on the phone with my older brother today. I had just taken a couple of miniatures out of my fridge and was waiting for them to soften up a little as they are hard since I keep them in the fridge. I noticed that one of them was missing and I know I didn't eat it as they were still a little hard. If Hiker took it, she must have eaten the wrapper too because I didn't find it anywhere and if she had “hidden” the miniature, she would still be looking for it and she's not. I never give her chocolate because I know it is not good for dogs. I'll have to watch her poop and see if the wrapper shows up. She's been acting very sheepish, so I'm sure she took it. Hopefully just one small piece of chocolate won't hurt her.

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  1. Worried about Hiker eating chocolate. Hope she'll be okay. Nothing like a good meatloaf sandwich. YUM!


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