Friday, June 6, 2014

Frantic Friday

Up early for a dog walk and then Hiker and I gathered up our yard sale stuff for tomorrow and took it over to Jean's where Hiker played with the dogs and I helped Jean get her stuff organized. Have to be there at 6 am in the morning to set up everything for the sale. It starts at 7 am.
Got a text from my nephew Matt while I was at Jean's house that he picked my brother Ron up at the hospital and took him home, so that was great news.
When Hiker and I got home, she went out in the yard to go potty and I as in the back bedroom. I heard her making a strange barking/growling noise that I have never heard her make before, so I went to find out what she was doing and she had cornered a rat or a mouse (it was kind of big) in the corner of the patio. Hiker was sitting on the steps near the door not knowing if she should approach it or not. I put Hiker into the house and got the hose and shot the creature with water. It ran to the corner of the fence and found a tiny place to crawl through between the fence and the house and got out of the back yard. Don't know where it went after that, but I hope it doesn't come back. It's the first one I've seen since back when I used to have bird feeders in my hard and they would come after the seed. We live in a hilly area near a dry river bed and we get lots of different critters.
After lunch, I called my brother to see how he was doing. I waited awhile because I didn't know if he would feel like talking. He had just gotten out of the shower. He said since he'd been lying in the hospital bed for 2 days, a shower was the first thing he wanted. They didn't put the heart monitor on him yet because they didn't have one available, so he will go back next week and they will put it on him. He sounded good.


  1. I sure hope your brother will be okay.
    We have big rat snake that come in the yard some time, hope they keep rats away.
    They do call them micro bursts storms but there are some tornado's in them. we had 80 miles winds call straight line wind yesterday.

  2. Glad your brother is doing well.... I love taking a shower too--after being at the hospital....

    Hope that rat (or whatever it was) stays OUT of your yard... Yuk..

    Good Luck with the yard sale.

  3. Glad you got rid of that critter so Hiker didn't have to sink her teeth in it. Nice to know your brother is out of the hospital and feeling better. Have fun at the yard sale.


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