Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Day At Kaiser

Up fairly early this morning so Hiker and I could get a walk in before I had to get ready to go down to Kaiser in Panorama City to have the photographs taken of my inner eyes. It was very overcast (June Gloom) here this morning while Hiker and I took our walk down through Discovery Park along the dry riverbed and back. Perfect weather for a walk because it was nice a cool.
My neighbor Jean picked me up at 11:30 am and we headed down the freeway into the San Fernando Valley. This is the third time I've had an Fluorescein Angiography done. The doctor does not do the procedure. It is performed by a technician. Fluorescein Angiography is an eye test that uses a special dye and camera to look at blood flow in the retina and choroid, the two layers in the back of the eye. This test is done to see if there is proper blood flow in the blood vessels in the two layers in the back of the eye. The process takes about an hour to an hour and a half.
On the way back home, Jean and I stopped at Topper's Pizza and I treated her to a late lunch. I have to go back to Kaiser on Friday for a follow-up with my retinal specialist. Hopefully after that visit, I won't have to go back for a few months.
Only got up to around 80° here today.


  1. the test sounds complicated. glad you got it out of the way. hope all is fine on your next appointment.


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