Friday, June 13, 2014

Not The News I Wanted

Did a dog walk and a little bit of doggy play time this morning with Jean and her dogs and then Jean drove me over to Kaiser for my follow-up with my Retinal Specialist. The injections did not do the job he wanted them to do. They helped some, but he said the Avastin was not “powerful” enough to stop the seepage from the blood vessels in the back of my eye. So in July he is going to give me an injection of steroids because they are stronger. He likes to start with the easiest procedure and if each procedure does not work, he then goes to the next one. We originally tried the laser treatments, and then the injections of Avastin, and next will be the steroids. I told him about my being on-call for jury duty in July and he told me to tell the judge about my eye problems and the regularly scheduled series of injections I am getting and that maybe they will let me off. I've asked him to give me an email or some sort of “proof” to show the judge if and when I go. My worry is that it won't get me off permanently but only get me postponed again. I think they will only let you postpone twice in a year and then they insist you do the duty. Guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.
I told Jean that she's going to really start to hate me because she has to continue taking me to my Retinal Specialist every month for the next few months. I was hoping he would tell me that the Avastin worked and that he would not have to see me for another 4 to 6 months.
I asked him again about going to get new eye glasses because I'm having trouble with up close reading on my old ones. He still said it was up to me but that he suggests I wait because he didn't want me spending money when I didn't need too. He asked me if I can see close up without my glasses and I said yes, so he said until we get my eye to a better state, he suggests I just take my glasses off to read and just wait to get new ones.
Kaiser was very crowded today and they were behind about 45 minutes with each appointment. The doctor told me that the computer system was very slow and that was backing him up on the appointments. Kaiser needs to upgrade their computer system to a much faster one.
On the way home, I took Jean to lunch at “The Islands”. I had never been there. They specialize in burgers and the one I had was pretty good.


  1. Sure sorry to hear this , Eyes and hearing lost is bad. I have lost hearing in my left ear, and I will have to go back for more laser treatments on my eyes.

  2. I am so sorry you had this outcome from the shots. The stress of having new ones must be awful. I hope you can get out of jury duty. Just something else to worry about.


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