Friday, June 20, 2014

The Heat Is On

Up at 6 am, out for a dog walk with my neighbor Jean and then Jean and I headed over to an estate sale in Saugus. Ginny, who is the sister of my good friend Judy is an Estate Sale Specialist and she has the sales every now and then. She has had me on her mailing list for years, but this was the first time I finally got to one of the sales. We got there 5 minutes after the sale started and the place was already swamped with people. Jean found I cute little padded side bench and I found a large decorative folding paper fan that will fit in the half-round window that is over my front door.
We drove over to Target because Jean had a bunch of cents-off coupons for dog food and dog treats. I saw a big stuffed bunny dog toy that I just could not resist buying for Hiker. When I first gave it to her, I think it scared her a little because it is big...about half her size, but she finally took to it and started dragging it all over the house.
By 10 am, it was already 90° on my patio. I'm afraid we are now heading for another very hot, hot, hot summer. Hit 100° by late afternoon.


  1. Love those pictures of Hiker with her new friend.... I always enjoy reading your daily emails and keeping up with you as much as I can... Sounds like you are doing great --considering how much of a life-change you went through... Thank God for friends and family. Right????


  2. LOve Hiker with her new toy. How sweet.


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