Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stressful Afternoon

Got out of bed at 6 am. I had to let Hiker outside and feed her and then get ready to head over to the Toyota Dealer to have my Rav4 serviced. I took Hiker along with me and while they were working on the car, she and I went for a 4 mile walk. We got back to the dealership about 15 minutes before the car was done. It wasn't really hot while we were out walking, but I sure worked up a sweat. When we were at the dealership, everyone kept wanting to pet Hiker. I have to be careful letting people do that, because she is still quite skittish around strangers and she will sometimes growl and snap at them. I don't think she would bite down if she did get hold of them, but you can never be too careful. Most of the time, she warns people by growling when they touch her. She will let some people pet her and she it just fine, but then there will be times when for some reason, she seems to now like certain people. While we were walking, the balls of my feet started to hurt and I think I was starting to get blisters there. When we first got home, Hiker immediately plops on the floor and rolls on her back and she yipped. I didn't think much of it because sometimes she will roll over a chew bone and she will yip, but then I noticed she yipped when she went to jump up on the sofa and so I thought I'd check her feet to see if she stepped on something while we had been out walking. Her feet seemed fine, but I went to pet her near her but and she yipped again. I checked her hips and they seemed OK, but she act like she is sore near her anus. I thought maybe she needed her gland evacuated and I called Jean to see if she could check because groomers do that, but Jean was not home, so I left a message. Then I started to think maybe her hips were just sore after our 4 mile morning walk. Then a little after 1 pm, my older brother Ron, who lives in northern calls me and tells me that he has called 911 and is waiting for them to come and take him to the hospital. He called me the other day and said he's been feeling really weak and tired and he's been very light headed lately. I know his doctor put him on a new medication to slow his heart rate down. I keep thinking that is what is causing the problem. Anyway, I texted his oldest son and his daughter to let them know. Ron was so “worked up” that he said he didn't have time to let them know but he wanted someone to know so he called me. They are both working today so I told them when I hear anything, I would let them know. The last time this happened to my brother, they ran every test in the world on him and found nothing wrong. Last I heard from my brother was a text around 3 pm saying he was in ER waiting for test results. At least Hiker seems to be acting a little more normal. I gave her a chewable baby aspirin.

Out on our morning walk

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  1. I hope Hiker and your brother are both okay in the long run.


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