Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Kaiser Day

Didn’t get to sleep in as long today. I had to be down at Kaiser in Panorama City by 10:30 am and I wanted to have some breakfast and since I don’t like driving the freeways, I take the surface streets, so it takes me a little longer to get there.
As it was, I still got there 15 minutes before my check-in time. There were several people ahead of me, but the wait wasn’t bad because I sat and spoke with several of the other women that were waiting for their x-rays to be done. One lady who went in just before me was a little upset when she came out because the technician noticed something about her hip and he told her to wait in the lobby for a doctor to come and speak with her. She was still sitting there when I came out from my x-ray.
I enjoyed the ride home because it was a beautiful day outside and as I said, I take the surface streets and Woodley zig-zags through a very lovely neighborhood. There was hardly any traffic on the way home.
Hiker was so glad to see me when I got home. She was all over me with kisses. I was hungry when I got home so I fixed some lunch and then I took Hiker with me to get gas in my car and we took the long way home since Hiker loves her car rides. We also stopped at Central park for about 20 minutes so she could sniff around.
I still have not gotten out for a real walk with her since before I got sick. We have a dog walk with Jean in the morning.
I also still have not gotten around to doing that housework I need to do. I’m afraid when I finally vacuum that there will be enough Hiker hair for me to knit another dog (LOL).

Hiker at the park.

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  1. Nothing nicer than going for a ride on a beautiful day. Glad you took Hiker out so she could enjoy a ride too.


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