Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feeling Better Each Day

Don’t know if it was the ice cream I had for lunch yesterday or the mac and cheese that I made for dinner last night, but I felt much better last night and I’m about 60% to 70% better this morning than I have in the past 10+ days.
Had considered going to lunch with the group girls today, but then thought about it better and thought it would be better for me to get completely well before I start socializing again.
The rain was gone this morning, but it was very chilly outside.
I actually put Hiker in the car this morning and we drove to the liquor store to buy my lottery tickets. Figured I’d do a test run for driving to my doctor appointment tomorrow morning. Hiker was so excited about getting to go in the car that she didn’t want to get out when we got back home.
The sun was bright most of the day. Partly cloudy but still a beautiful day.
I ate a pretty good sized lunch today. In the late afternoon, I started to feel some tightness or congestion in my chest and started coughing a little, but eventually it went away.
My friend Sandi told me that she had gone online today to sign up for Kaiser Medicare since Lockheed is dropping us in June. I had been putting it off because I didn’t know if it was too early, but a couple of other retirees told me that they had also signed up already, so I went online and signed up. Got to thinking that the longer I wait, the more retirees with Kaiser will be trying to enroll and it might take longer than normal to get approved.


  1. Good to hear that you are beginning to feel better. Those beautiful flowers you shared are a sure sign of spring.

  2. Up here it was called the Flu and it takes about a month to get over. Hope you keep feeling better every day:)

  3. Those flowers are sure a pretty sight. We had a terrible ice storm this morning so something that looks like spring tugs at my heart. Glad the comfort food got you feeling better. I can imagine how excited Hiker was to be getting out and about. I think you were wise to take things slowly even though you're feeling better. Do not want a relapse.

  4. Lovely photos ! I am glad your feeling better ! Have a good day !


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