Monday, March 16, 2015

Spent A Lot Of The Day On The Phone

We were up at 6 am this morning so we could go for our dog walk with Jean and her dogs and the three dogs she is taking care of. We didn’t walk to the park today because Ebony, one of the dogs Jean is taking care of, does not like to walk very far. She is old so we just walk her around the block instead and she’s perfectly fine with that. We then let all of the dogs play in my back yard for a while. Hiker is obsessed with Lexie, another one of the dogs that Jean is taking care of. Hiker won’t leave her alone for some reason.
After Jean went home, I went and did my grocery shopping. When I got home, I decided that maybe I should still get in touch with the Franchise Tax Board about the money I sent to them that went to the wrong tax year, even though online it says that they are refunding that money to me.
I first tried their live chat, but was told that I really should call their customer service and talk with them because live chat cannot ask for confidential information like SS number, etc. So I tried to call customer service, expecting it to be hard to get through since this is tax season. I kept getting a recording telling me that they are experiencing more calls than usual because it is tax season and that all of their reps were helping other callers and for me to call back later.
I called back again after having lunch and watching “Y&R” and this time I got a recording telling me that the reps were still busy, but that I could leave my name and phone number and they would call me back in 1 to 2 hours. At least they make you sit on hold for 1 to 2 hours, but they could have told me that when I tried to call this morning instead of telling me to call back later.
So another day that Hiker did not get to go for a car ride and a walk around the park.
The Franchise Tax Board called me back at 1:45 pm and I explained about the mix up and the man I spoke with said that they are sending me the refund but it will probably be in a check and not a direct deposit (darn). He said I could go ahead and log back into their website and try to pay my 2014 tax bill online again, but I think I will just wait a couple of weeks since I have until April 15th and make sure I get the refund and then I will MAIL them a check like I did last year.
Another thing taken care of is my Kaiser Health Insurance. I just got my acceptance letter from them today saying that I am covered by them as of June 1st when Lockheed drops our group insurance.
Was hot and humid here again today. Another day of high, then clouds and 89°.

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  1. Hiker sounds like she had a good time with the other dogs. I wonder what it is about Lexie that she loves so much? Glad you got a handle on that tax fiasco. Hopefully it will all work out in the end.


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