Monday, March 23, 2015

Saw A Rattlesnake Today

Hiker and I got out of bed early this morning because we had our Monday dog walk with Jean and her 3 dogs. We walk 2 miles when we walk the dogs, but I never really count that as exercise because her dogs like to stop and sniff a lot, so we don’t keep up a constant walking pace.
After the dogs played in my back yard and Jean went home, I made some eggs for me and Hiker and then I went out to get my Lottery tickets, put some gas in the car and I had to go to Sam’s Club to pick up some items. I’ve noticed that Sam’s Club is not carrying some of the items I used to buy on a regular basis. I guess if they don’t get it for a good price, they don’t contract with certain brands. They have not had my Tropicana Orange Juice in several months, so I have to buy it over at Wal-Mart.
Came back home and watched Y&R and had lunch, then took Hiker over to Central Park for an afternoon walk. Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with the bone condition, I’m trying to get back to walking more than just 2 times a week. Also want to get out in the sunshine to get those rays of Vitamin D.
We were walking on the trail that runs behind the dog park in Central Park and I was taking some photos of the wild flower with my phone. Up ahead I noticed this couple walking towards us and they sudden stopped and he was pointing at something and she kind of shrieked. When Hiker and I got up to them, they told me to be careful that there was a rattlesnake up ahead and they pointed it out to me. I don’t think Hiker even noticed it. It was about 4 ft. long and it was black which I did not expect. I always thought the Diamond Back Rattlers here in California were brown. It never coiled and it never rattled. It laid in the shade for a few minutes and then it starting crawling up the side of the hill. That’s when the guy and I started to take pictures of it with our phones. In all of my years of hiking, this was the first rattlesnake I’d ever come across. I’ve seen Gopher Snakes, but never rattlers.
Going to meet the group girls for lunch tomorrow.
Was warm today. In the high-70’s. Supposed to be in the 90’s this weekend. No wonder the snakes are out already.


  1. I hate snakes. Once saw a copperhead up close and personal. Glad Hiker did not see this rattlesnake you saw. Glad it never coiled and just went about it's business. Nice pics of it, though.

  2. That is scary. I have a lot of black snakes around here, but they are not dangerous.
    Just to the mice and voles!

  3. It does look different then our Rattlesnakes. We haven't seen one in a while. We think the wild hogs have thinned them out.


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