Monday, March 2, 2015

Still Sick - Still Raining.

Went to bed feeling a little better, but woke up this morning feeling totally crappy again. Probably won’t be able to make it to the lunch with the group girls tomorrow, but that’s OK, we’ll have other lunches.
Have my annual check-up with my regular doctor Wednesday morning. He is the one who said this is a “common cold” that I am suffering with. Maybe he will re-diagnose it and be able to give me something to help me get better. Just hope I’ll feel well enough to drive to the appointment.
Rained all night here. I have one of those old fashioned rain gages that has the little vial that collects rain, and if it is right, we got about 1 ½” total.
Thought after Y&R was over I’d come out and sit on my patio and get some fresh are for a little while. The sun was shining through the clouds earlier, but once I got out to the patio, it started to get dark and cloudy again. It got too cold, so I had to come back inside put a log in the fireplace. I was looking forward to getting some Vitamin D from the sun, but it started raining again.
Couldn’t figure out what I wanted for lunch, so I had a bowl of ice cream. Think I’ll have some mac and cheese for dinner. Comfort food


  1. Comfort food works, especially at times like these. Too bad you couldn't get the sunshine and fresh air you wanted today. I think what you have had goes beyond a common cold. Think the doctor was off base with his diagnosis. Hope you feel a little better tomorrow.

  2. I do hope you will find out what is really wrong when you see the doctor again. I think if it is only a cold you would be feeling some better by now. I do hope you will be feeling better soon.


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