Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Feeling Much Better Today

Got up at 6 am to get ready for my doctor appointment later in the morning, but got a call around 7:30 am telling me that my doctor had something personal come up and that he would not be in the office all day, so they had to reschedule me for next Tuesday, which mean I’ll miss having lunch with the group girls again.
I was planning on going by Sam’s Club on my way home from my appointment, so I decided to just go ahead and go up to Sam’s Club and pick up the items I needed. It was nice to be out in the world again after being stuck inside for so long.
Came back home and ran the scans on my computer and watched TV. Didn’t want to get into any housework or anything like that yet. Want to wait until I’m 100% back to normal.
Hiker was a happy girl because she and “Mama” played ball in the back yard this afternoon. It was beautiful outside. Bright and sunny and in the 70’s. We are supposed to be up into the 80’s by the end of this week.


  1. Glad you are finally feeling better. These things need time to run their course. Glad you and Hiker got outside to play a little.

  2. It is taking longer to get over these colds this year, know of many sick people with it.
    Glad you are better!


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